Since I started this blog back in April, I have amassed quite a following!  Judging by all the comments I moderate, this following consists almost entirely of bots.

Well, bots of the Internet, rejoice!  After a four-month hiatus, I am returning to my keyboard! I will once again begin producing content, providing you with fresh new canvases on which to paint your poorly written, spamtastic masterpieces…which I will then delete.

If any human is accidentally reading this, the truth is that the structure of my blog (posting a write up of a different President each week, in order) ended up boring me pretty quickly.  It felt too much like I was producing assignments for a fifth grade social studies class.  I ended up getting stuck on Thomas Jefferson (one of my top five favorite presidents) because I wanted to get it just right since I wouldn’t be posting about him again for a while.

Moving forward, I’m dropping the one-president a week thing and writing about whatever Presidential topic happens to be on my mind, definitely giving priority to documenting any field trips I may take to places with Presidential significance.  My general goal is to produce one main post a week, while also reviving my Warren G. Harding Wednesdays series (at least most weeks).  We’ll see what happens…

Bots, get ready.  It’s go time.


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